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This is where I post at least one photo taken each day.
Starting over and turning a new leaf.
"Media Violence - Aesthetichaos" may be downloaded in full here…

Media Violence is my industrial project from Virginia which has been around almost 5 years, has recorded several records, and has been played in radio stations and clubs throughout the world.   

Hope you enjoy and share it with (a) friend(s)!

PS: Drop me a note if you decided to drop by and take a listen! I'd love to hear from you!

I have even more artwork here…

This is my website portfolio (with discography)…

Media Violence (my main music project)…

Purchase the most recent Media Violence CD…
I have even more artwork here…

This is my website portfolio (with discography)…

Media Violence (my main music project)…
Too make a long story short. Dial-up sucks. Thats nothing new. One day I will again establish my presence here like it used to be.

Looking For A Job! Hire Me!

Thu May 13, 2004, 8:23 PM

To acquire a full time administrative, HR, technical audio, or graphic design position.

Strong leader, with solid interpersonal and communication skills. In depth understanding of what it takes to maintain a profitable business, with over four years of practical business/entrepreneurial experience.

-Proficient in: MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, Publisher, FrontPage, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, DreamWeaver, QM for Windows, RealVNC, Networking, Web page development, etc.

-Comprehension of motivational tactics in leadership
-Adept at working independently or as part of a team
-Understanding of strategical approaches to communication
-Experienced in inventory management and sales

-Hard-working, motivated
-Able to handle multiple tasks simultaneously
-Well-rounded, able to adapt easily
-Fast learner, unafraid to ask questions

B.B.A Business Management
Minor: Economics
Radford University, Radford VA
GPA: 3.2

Radford University Residential Life, Radford, VA
Student Assistant (August 2003-Present)
-Work with 4 Residential Directors to promote a safe dormitory environment
-Helped design specific dormitory policies regarding student visitation
-Enforced dormitory policy

Beach Road Records, Hampton VA
Audio Engineer/Promotions (October 1999-Present)
-Assist with developing procedures for customer payment/studio appointments
-Work with clients to provide premium quality recordings in studio environment

Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Williamsburg, VA
Theater Technician (May 2003 - Aug 2003)
-Handled technical aspects of three shows
-Trained Theater Technicians

Newsome Heating and Air Conditioning, Hampton, VA
Mechanics Assistant / Sheet Metal Worker (May 2002-Aug 2002)
-Built industrial duct work from scratch including duct insulation and installation
-Set AC units and tied them into duct work

Chili's Bar and Grill, Hampton, VA
Training Leader (March 1999-Aug 2001)
-Exercised leadership skills by training 10+ employees to use by-the-book procedures
-Served customers and answered questions regarding food and beverage promotions
-Worked with food preparation for busy, fast-paced restaurant

Camelot Movies and Music, Hampton, VA
Sales Associate (March 1997– January 1999)
-Sold merchandise to customers using specialized methods designed by the company
-Provided excellent customer service for new and returning patrons
-Maintained and monitored inventory and aided in organization of new shipments

Dimension One Recordings and Multimedia (October 2002– December 2003)

-Created and operated a fully functional, non-profit, independent record label
-Coordinated with local and regional musical projects to retail recorded products online
-Worked with radio stations to get projects air-play
-Cosponsored large concert event coupled with compilation release

Free Speech Starts Here (August 2002– May 2003)

-Created online retail patch/button business
-Maintained inventory of products and parts to be sold online
-Made a profit of $1400-$2000 in spending money while in college

Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)
Audio Engineering Society (AES)
International Society of Poets

Highlander Records (Record Label) - Production team member
WVRU (Campus Radio) - "On air off mic" disk jockey
Whim RU (Web Magazine) - Staff Writer

-International Library of Poetry
Editor's Choice Award for Outstanding
Achievement in Poetry.
-Whim - RU's Online Magazine
Staff Member of the Week

Audio engineering, web design, art, carpentry, electronics, writing, computers, movies, and culture

Available upon request.

  • Listening to: Skinny Puppy - Jahya
...I am sure of several things. 1 of them is asymmetric information and the other is there is two sides to ever coin. Therefore I am sure that listening is the key of a relationship, any group, and any society. Even if you are sure you disagree, letting people speak is the best way to allow communication run free and not be trapped within any sort of barrier whether it is artificial or very tangible. Flesh and skull are barriers without communication and listening, even language becomes a barrier when we cannot express what is inside. This is why humans have always found themselves creating new things whether its art, or buildings, or bridges, or machines, or software, even during sex we express ourselves in ways that language cannot.

It is important that we listen…even when we don't understand.

Argument that comes from anger comes from confusion and not confidence.
  • Listening to: Throbbing Gristle - Discipline
  • Reading: Allen Ginsberg - Collected Poems
...I'm glad to see the sky again. I love the sky. I love looking up and just seeing blue. It feels so wide open, and happy. The gray of winter really suffocates me...
  • Listening to: Corpus Delecti- Sylphes
  • Reading: Painful but Fabulous - The Art of Genesis P-O
A flame always takes the opportunity to drown in its own wax.
  • Listening to: Timothy Leary
  • Reading: Painful but Fabulous - The Art of Genesis P-O
I'm tired but not tired enough to make myself want to sleep.  The University is back at kicking my ass. I have been attempting to divide my time between my left and right hemispheres, trying not to stress out anymore. Lighting candles and incense. I've been working on some interesting stuff now that I have replenished my supplies. I tend to use every last bit until they run out, forcing myself to get more and more creative with how I use mediums until I'm made to go spend green (plastic actually) and start over. Chance operations have always proved successful for me. I hate waiting for things to dry. I'm very impatient and spur of the moment since it is a single precise moment I want to capture…not a 3 day moment.

  • Listening to: Bill Evans Trio- Jade Visions [Take 2]
  • Reading: Painful but Fabulous - The Art of Genesis P-O
Well Spring Break has come and gone and it was fun while it lasted although I did not do much but move my things across the state.

I did have an opportunity to do some artwork while out of class, I will be sharing these pieces throughout the week.

Take care my friends!
One of my photos, "The Tiny Life" was featured as "Photo of the Week" on Whim, Radford University's online magazine. See it here

A giant welcome is extended to all those visiting from Whim!
Several life changing decisions have cut stress in two.   Concider me a more relaxed individual at this point.  Although I am still on the J-HUNT.  
I have been incredibly busy this week studying for 3 400 level Econ midterms.  So I really havent added much up, sorry! I am hoping to add some things this weekend after the weight has been lifted.  
One of my photos, "A Twig in Your Eye" was featured as "Photo of the Week" on Whim, Radford University's online magazine.  See it here
"Listen To Me," the first track off of my new Media Violence record "The Infinite Sequence" debuted tonight on WVRU, 89.9 in Radford, VA.  If you would like to download the track please do so at…
The orders have started pouring in for my new album.  Probably because I always give stuff away for free.  I guess that means that Im the opposite of a corporate whore.  Because if I was a coporate whore I would be a completely aweful one.  Buzz buzz buzz.  Can you believe Im a business and economics major?  Heres some free stuff.  I am not a whore.  How do you get people to talk if you make them have to buy stuff they have never heard?  I don't know...Anyway if you would like to know what on earth im talking about:…
I believe that I have spent every day, every moment of my life, recording my living consciousness.  Then, hopefully when I'm dead someone will remember me.  It's not that I'm searching for meaning, or control…in fact I'm probably looking for the disable control feature in my brain.  The world looks different to me. Can this be a fact? Or does the world look different to everyone?  4 billion eyes, all with different efficiencies and deficiencies.  Mine is color.  Nothing is black and white but the shades all blur together.  I find myself attempting to make up for life's deficiencies by developing a complex.  A complex that involves me trying to record each and every feature of my life whether with sound, vision, or word.  And then it all disappears.  Disappears into notebooks and compact disks, and gets trapped in 1's and '0s.  Then what? Does someone listen?  So I have to pay you to listen? To read?  To try to see the world that I see?  Quite impossible.